> ./S4MM/ Changelog 2021

On this page you can find all the information about the latest version.

Latest version


1. Added Categories

2. Pages

3. Poses/Pose Packs

4. Rework Edit View

4. Save Mod List as CSV file

5. UI Changes

6. Startup settings

7. Supporter Features

8. More settings options

Older version


1. Basic Recolor detection

CAS items that do not contain their own mesh and are not Makeup/Tattoos are recognized as "Recolor". In the next update I will try to implement a search function to find the required mesh)

2. Added version information

If you click on the version or update icon in the lower left corner, this popup now appears

3. More filter options

You can now specifically filter Loaded/Unloaded/Merged/Recolor. These filters can be combined with the type filters.

Furthermore, using the CAS filter, you can now select outfits categories as a filter.

4. Loaded/Unloaded better displayed

If there is not a single CC/Mod in a folder Loaded, the folder will be displayed as Unloaded.

Also, when hovering over the folder name, you can now see how many items are Loaded/Unloaded. Alternatively, you can set in the settings that this information is always displayed next to the name (+Loaded | - Unloaded).

5. Added "Search Image on Google" button

The full web image search is still disabled. However, you can now search for a thumbnail for individual CC in the "Edit" popup.

6. Move to subfolders

People who like to sort their CC/Mods into subfolders can now enable an advanced "Move" tool in the settings. If this is activated, you can select any subfolder as the target folder.

7. Recalculate/Load All buttons in Settings

If you change the values of the CC with S4S or other programs, you can now recalculate all values with one click. You can also reactivate all CC/Mods at once (if you want to uninstall the program, for example).

8. Removed "Packs" tab

The term "packs" has led to some confusion. Therefore I have removed the "Packs" tab. However, all functions remain, but are now located directly in "Home" and "Folders". You can access these functions with a right click on a folder

9. Slot Colors

Since it was not easy to see which folders belong to which slot, you can now assign a color to the slots. You can also decide whether this color should only be used as a small dot and/or as a background color.

10. Thumbnails from "localthumbcache"

The Mod Manager could only read custom thumbnails until now. With this update another source is available. In the file "localthumbcache" Sims stores partial thumbnails while the game is running. At startup, the Mod Manager exports these thumbnails and tries to assign them appropriately. This currently only works for CAS CC.

11. Translator Tool + Languages Downloader

Since this version there is also a tool included in the Windows version, which should make the translation of the program easier. You can find more information here.

Translations sent to me or uploaded with the tool can now be downloaded and installed directly in the Mod Manager.

[BETA]1.0.6 Quick fix

1. Added Japanese and Simplified Chinese translation

Japanese translation created by Maru

Simplified Chinese translation created by XXXS

2. Fixed Bug in "Duplications"

When the program checks for identical files, it first compares only the file size. Files of the same size are then saved in lists and later compared in more detail. In the "Duplications" tab, the files from the lists are then compared using hashes. However, there was a bug which displayed files which were the same size, but were not identical!

3. Fixed Bug in "Edit package"

Occasionally the thumbnail of the last viewed CC/Mod was displayed in "Edit package". This should no longer occur.

4. Added "Search on Google" buttton

I saw this feature in Sim 4 Tray Importer and cheekily added it to my program. This button is located in "Edit package".

5. Improved UI updating

When deleting or moving CC/Mods, sometimes scrolling was weird. This is still not perfect, but should be better.


1. Added Spanish and Italian translation

Italian translation created by Rahl81

Spanish translation created by Davey from simlish4.com

Alternative Spanish translation created by Noel from vanitysims.com

2. New tab "Problems"

With this update I try to catch errors in a better way. If this works, problematic files are displayed in the "Weird files" tab. CC/Mods which are shown here are not necessarily broken! My program just had problems reading these files or thinks they are weird.
So this section is especially important for me, as you can send me problematic files to check more easily.

Since every file is now being scanned, the program will now also test for duplicate files. It first compares the file size in bytes and then calculates the hash of the file's contents. If both values are equal, the duplicates are displayed. However, it is important to emphasize that currently it is really only checking for identical files. If you have a newer and an older version of a CC, it will not be recognized. The same applies to merged files. For example, if you have a CC as a separate file and in a merged file, this will not be detected.

3. Load all CC/Mods Tool

If for some reason you can't use the Mod Manager anymore, but still have CC disabled, there is now a small tool to enable it again. It is located in the installation directory of the Mod Manager and is called "S4SS-Load-Tool.exe". Just select your mod folder and click start.

[BETA]1.0.4 Quick fix

1. Moved Note.properties file location

In the file "Node.properties" the notes, which you can enter in the "Edit Package", are stored. It is now located directly in the mod folder and no longer in the program files, so that it is not deleted during a reinstallation.

2. Deleting/Moving individual file works again

Deleting/moving individual items was broken in the previous version. Now it works again.

3. Hair Sub-Category Long/Medium/Short works now

If you are coming from version b1.0.3 without reinstallation you have to delete the content in PackData/Data.

4. Minor performance improvements

The program should now need to reload files into the cache less often.


Video about this Version:

1. Performance improvements

Probably the biggest problem with the program is and has been performance, especially at startup.
This version should run a lot better, especially people with large mod folders should feel the optimizations I implemented. However, these optimizations come with a price. To increase performance there is now a limit to the number of CC/Mod elements that can be displayed at one time (default 1500). In other words, folders larger than this limit will not be fully displayed and open folders will close when you open a new one if the limit is exceeded. You can adjust the limit in the settings according to the performance of your PC.
In addition, the resources are better distributed at program startup to prevent 100% CPU usage (at least in theory).

Tests on my system:

Mod folder:  6070 items | 15,5GB

Cpu:               Intel i7-5820K

Ram:              DDR4 32GB

Drive:             Sata SSD

B1.0.0 B1.0.3
First start 179,4s 22,3s ~87% faster
Normal start 18,3s 10,1s ~44% faster

2. Light Mode and ajustable item size

I merely inverted the colors, but still the Light Mode now exists😁. In addition, you can now set the size of the CC/Mod elements in the settings.

3. Better multi select

It is now even easier to select multiple elements. Similar to Windows File Explorer, you can now left-click + "Shift" to select all items between the last selected item and the current item.

4. Changes in "Edit Item" - Rename/Refresh/Nodes

Previously, a renamed file name was only displayed in the Mod Manager. Now it changes the actual file name.
In addition, another input field "Note" has been added. This is meant to store data like a link, creator or similar. (This data is not stored in the file itself, but in PackData/node.properties)
The last change is the "Recalculate Values" button, which as the name implies recalculates the CAS/COBJ values as well as the thumbnails (if you change the values with S4S).

5. Websearch is disabled

Web search is turned off, as I suspect this has caused errors for several people. Also, it seems to have not provided very helpful results for some users.

6. Started working on localisation

Many users would like to have the program in their language. Therefore I have tweaked the code so that different languages can be loaded. A German and Spanish translation are currently in the making. If you know another language and want to help with the translations, feel free to contact me.

7. Update Checker for application

Since the program is still in development, more updates should be released in the near future. In order not to miss them, the program now shows if a new version is available.

8. Deleted Files now in recycling bin

Files are no longer deleted directly, but first moved to the recycle bin. I am sorry if you lost CC with the old version. 😢

9. Non CAS thumbnails are displayed correctly

Previously, only CAS thumbnails were displayed correctly. Now, all images that are not CAS images are centered appropriately and get a matching background color.